RPGaDay 2020 prompt 13 – Rest

So, do we talk about the D&D rest mechanics, or taking a break from tabletop gaming? Or how other games handle rests?

I guess I’ll talk a bit about how I handle rests.
I’ve been mostly inspired by various homebrews that change how things work, add in extra levels and things.
Here’s what I do currently: –

Breather – you take a quick 5-minute pit stop.
You can spend exactly one Hit Die, and you only get one Breather between Short Rests, but you can’t take actions during this time.

Short Rest – lasts at least an hour.
You can spend up to your Constitution modifier in Hit Dice, but you can take some actions – like healing magic.

Long Rest – lasts at least eight hours.
As the Short Rest, you get half your Hit Dice back at the end of the rest which you can then spend, up to your Constitution Score.
Generally speaking, you regain all your class abilities and magic item charges that refresh (unless something stated in the item description conflicts with it).
No more than 1 Long Rest in a day.

Downtime – tends to last about a week, but generally more than a full day of rest and relaxation.
Regain all Hit Dice, all class abilities, all magic item charges that refresh.
Since this tends to happen within civilisation, you can take part in one downtime activity per week. (House rules for Pitfighting badly and healing up might come into play!)

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