RPGaDay 2020 prompt 12 – Message

I’m always conflicted about how to handle messages between players in a game.

At a table, great, pass a slip of paper. If you’re OK with phones, send something by text.
If you want to cobble together a group message thing for between sessions, cool.
Can throw two groups together to include the GM in one, or use a web forum and a separate WhatsApp group, or Discord or something.

But, does this work?

I’ve played in games with group WhatsApp for scheduling. I’ve used the messaging function on the Meetup app in a similar way, though with a group that fluctuated a lot and multiple message groups being set up, that got a little complicated.

I think I’d rather build it myself, as the GM, but then that takes effort too.

Hmmm. This post doesn’t really go anywhere, but I wanted to write something that wasn’t just about the Message spell in 5e!

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