Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 18


Sometimes it seems like there’s not enough time in the world.
And then sometimes it’s more like there’s just too much to do so all that time is more than filled up.

Flash back to ten years ago, and I had plenty of time to do anything. I was working sure, but outside of that I could do all kinds of things.
So why didn’t I?

These days, I have a toddler to chase, work, writing, Netflix, YouTube, podcasts, blogs, roleplaying. I’ve ditched videogames already, I’m sure other things are certain to follow – I’ve actually had a hard time keeping up with podcasts during the coronavirus lockdown without a commute, so that’s going to be fun to catch up.
Writing and roleplaying are basically hand in hand right now, so they’re safe. YouTube and blogs are virtually all about roleplaying at the moment, with some time for music and parenting tips.
I find I’m watching a lot of food and travel shows on Netflix, rather than the stuff that would usually inspire or interest me – I’ve taken a long time to get through Altered Carbon, I’m a season behind Stranger Things and I’ve not started the Witcher.

Ten years ago me would not know what’s going on. But he had a lot more free time to fill.

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