Free RPG day 2018

Well, another year, and another opportunity missed. I really need to start getting ahead and planning these things. I missed International Tabletop day too.

I have a habit of missing these things. I think I’ve only ever played a game on exactly one of those days. I might have once managed to play a board game on a celebratory day once, and that would have been years ago.


But, in honour of me completely missing the existence of this thing again, I think I’m going to try and write a bunch in the next few weeks, see if I can’t make some sort of chunk of information available online for a few of my settings.

Does anyone have a preference?
I’ve got a second A-Z for my FATEPunk setting lined up, though I’m still trying to work out a good few of the letters beyond A and B.
I could probably try and collate a better amount of the Old Crown into something usable by a great many people. Maybe write a 5e translation of it, or drop a lot of knowledge of all the secrets and ideas I’ve had bottled up, and what and where things are and what they’re doing and all that stuff.
Or I have the Ginnungagap, my 5e Space Viking setting. That needs to get finished up – suddenly there’s a glut of 5e scifi stuff everywhere, and my great mind seems to be way behind on the publishing front of all the other great minds out there!

So yeah, that’s what I wanted to say. Just a bit of a dump of ideas, fish for leads on what people want to see here.

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