Z is for: Zaibatsu

Whilst many Megacorps are run by a board of directors drawn from their different subsidiaries, the corporations called Zaibatsu are instead controlled by individual families.

These families may act as a board of directors, running the holding company that manages its subsidiaries, and therefore they share a great deal with the other Megacorps. The subtle difference as a family holding, with heirs and heiresses, is an important one.

The Japanese term for these holding companies has grown in popularity, though they are also known by their Korean name Chaebol is also sometimes used in the IICP.


Some of the zaibatsu active in the IICP include –

Nguyen Medical – working with the Department of Health as well as private insurance companies (many of which they own), Nguyen Medical is one of the largest medical technologies companies in the world. They build, maintain and operate hospitals and equipment, and their most famous subsidiary is probably the well known Trauma Team emergency medical service.

Mitsui Sumitomo – From mineral extractions to petrochemical processing and heavy industrial manufacturing, Mitsui Sumitomo has a hand in many pies. They even have a hand in vidstream content creation and a mesh network gaming portfolio.

Toyota Aerospace – A conglomerate of heavy manufacturing and engineering projects, they build all kinds of electric motor vehicles, including the spinnercab. Their emphasis on engines and engine parts means that many other companies choose to buy from Toyota rather than develop products themselves.

Keswick Holdings – Notable for their fortunes coming from Hong Kong and the Jardine companies, the Keswick group owns large numbers of hospitality subsidiaries, mainly hotels and restaurants, as well as the construction firms who build them. One of their smaller subsidiaries imports European sports vehicles.

Cheng & Fung – Not generally thought of as a builder of products but an enabler of services, they dominate the field of logistics and supply-chain management. They do however have sizable subsidiaries in hotels, casinos and high-end jewellery, as well as smaller interests in telecommunications and property development.

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