C is for: City of Festivals

The distant City of Festivals lies across the Eastern Sea from Queenstown. In recent years, it has grown to become the greatest rival to traders and merchants of Queenstown, and is frequently a thorn in the side of many of the noble houses.

In the Eastern Sea sits a great atoll of rings withing rings of islands. The outermost islands rise high from the sea from the sea, and the lagoon inside them remains calm for the most part, with a great island at its centre.

Refugees fleeing the desolation of Istan reached the islands in a great storm that lasted several days, finding safe shelter for the duration. Many saw little value to the islands, with little in the way of fresh water or food, and left behind a small group who wished to end their flight.

Over time, the settlement grew. The lagoon was a frequent stopping point from large Seawitch fleets, though the settlers had little to trade. As the seasons turned, they found they needed to build stronger foundations for their buildings, and digging beneath the sands they often found ancient trinkets and baubles of unknown origin.

When at last the other original Istani refugees returned, they came with yet more escapees from the Kingdoms. At this time, two parties formed – those who would go and conquer a new home for themselves, and those who would stay at the lagoon and seek peace. The conquerors left, sailing west and would one day become the people of the Old Crown. Those who stayed prayed for their cousins, and founded the City of Temples.

As the settlers dug deeper into the central islands, they found ancient ruins. The ancient rulers of the world and creators of the races that inhabit it, the Oon, had once called the lagoon home. The island sands had built up over time upon their own sunken buildings.

Hidden deep beneath layers of sand, they found the first of the Golem, a race of artificial beings. Once created as automatic servants for the Oon, their millennia of consciousness without directives beneath the sands and silts had taken its toll. The ‘madness’ the Golem now exhibited was what the other races of the world called ‘free will’.

The Golem were able to return much of the Oon ruins to life, raising some above the sands whilst reconditioning others to use below the waves.

The City of Temples became a jewel of the seas, attracting folk from across the known world. Under the rule of a secret council of temple leaders called the Conclave, the city flourished.

The constant stream of worship for the various members of the Ascended Host caused frequently overlapping holidays and festivals, leading the City to adopt its current name.

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