Three month gap

So it’s been almost three months since my last blog post. I’m really terrible at keeping these things going sometimes.
I am resolving to kick this back into gear though.

So, what’s going on?

Playing through the Lost Mines of Phandelvar adventure for D&D 5E with my usual group. And I’m PLAYING, not DMing, which is great.
Morn Silverhand, War Cleric of Lludd is great fun so far. We’ve just hit level 4. I think I’d like to play the Rise of Tiamat campaign too, maybe as a Rogue Assassin or Bard of the College of Valour. I liked the look of those two.

I’ve started using Scrivener to write out my setting. I’m surprised I wasn’t using it before. It basically functions in exactly the same way as I write, but all neatly together in one place, rather than me constantly switching windows, which gets tedious!

As such, I’ve started a real re-write, cutting out unnecessary stuff, hauling it in to be more tight. If I really want to expand or waffle, I can do that later. For now, short, concise, to-the-point is my aim.
I’ve almost finished redoing the history section, the gods is a work-in-progress and I have the magic section starting to write away in my head. I’m hoping to get a chunk of it down and squared away by the end of the Easter weekend, given I have four days off from work and the house to myself for two of those.

Once this post is up and online, I’m going to try and start work on a D&D 5E post, focussing on a few ideas for a Norse-inspired setting. Most of it is already done and in the rules for 5E, but I sat down one day a few weeks ago and played around with class renames, race re-skins and stuff like that.

I started trying to convert the Old Crown to 5E too, but I think I’ll wait until I’ve done a bit more work on it and played a bit more of D&D before I tackle that one!

I’ve also got a post-apocalyptic idea going, semi-inspired by listening to the Godsfall 5E podcast on my commute to work, and partly from an old setting I did way back in 3E. I never got very far with it for my players, but I had some ideas that I would probably carry over.

What else? Umm…
I started a new game of Mass Effect on my Xbox. I finished it once, years ago, but then ended up losing that hard drive and restarting again a few years later. I’ve never gotten around to finishing it again. And this time I want to because I want to re-familiarise myself with the game and setting before I start Mass Effect 2, which I finally bought a copy of.
I know, I’m ridiculously behind the times.
It’s made me read up on the game conversions people have done though. There’s a FATE version knocking around that people seem to enjoy, and I found a D6 version too, but I’ve not had a chance to look at the rules for that yet.
I’ve always really liked the setting and wanted to try an RPG session or two in it. Hopefully I’ll get around to it at some point.

And I’ll leave you there and crack on with some other stuff. More soon!

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