Taking a temporary step back

So I think I've come to a difficult decision: I'm going to reduce my blog output again. Between a tantrum-y toddler who's cutting back on his naps and trying his best to avoid bedtime in the evenings, plus work on other writing projects, I'm going to cut the blog down to a once a week … Continue reading Taking a temporary step back

RPGaDay 2020 prompt 17 – Comfort

I've seen a good few people part ways with D&D recently, and I completely get it. There's some real issues with the way it's being run and how things are being handled by the company that own it, but I haven;t managed to walk away yet. I've tried out a good few other games over … Continue reading RPGaDay 2020 prompt 17 – Comfort

No time to write

This might be a bit of a short post. Various bits of not much going on at the moment. I have a post for Loge and Planescape to get sorted but I'm waiting on a message from the DM to round out some social events that got skipped in the interest of play time. I … Continue reading No time to write