RPGaDay 2020 prompt 17 – Comfort

I’ve seen a good few people part ways with D&D recently, and I completely get it. There’s some real issues with the way it’s being run and how things are being handled by the company that own it, but I haven;t managed to walk away yet.

I’ve tried out a good few other games over the years, and enjoyed them all, but I think I just feel comfort falling back into rolling a d20 and adding some numbers.

I think it another driver of why I’m looking at old rules and settings, and thinking about reviving them for new players – and removing anything too stupid to stand the test of time with that!

Take my recent look into Spelljammer – Kara-Tur has spelljamming fleets (or at least there are a lot of Kara-Turans that go spelljamming), and I ran across the term ‘Kara-Tur-town’ because of this. Since Kara-Tur is an Asia analogue, I can only assume this is a Chinatown analogue.
So I think I’ll be re-watching Don’t Stop Thinking’s great Re:Kara-Tur series on YouTube and seeing about changing that up for a start, never mind some of the other issues I have with Spelljamming (it predates Steampunk being a thing so… yeah, it could use more Steampunk than just the Gnomish steamjammers).

And I guess I take comfort in that modernising of old work too – yes, we can look back at the original for inspiration but we can definitely rework things to make them more nuanced, more inclusive, and generally better.

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