Drizzt’s Travelogue of Everything (Volume 1) – a review

I asked to review this product and got a free copy. I'm using referral links to it below if anyone wants to give me a few cents from their purchase. Recently released on DMsGuild, Drizzt's Travelogue bills itself as 'an astonishing account of rules options for the world’s greatest roleplaying game'. Whilst we are presented … Continue reading Drizzt’s Travelogue of Everything (Volume 1) – a review

Uncaged Goddesses – a review

I've been trying to finish off this review for a few weeks now, seems like I could never find the time. Read below a few reasons you should pick up this product on DMsGuild now! Uncaged: Goddesses Cover Art:Artist: Gwen Bassett (@gwendybee)Cover Layout: David Markiwsky (@DavidMarkiwsky) The new installment in the Uncaged series for D&D, … Continue reading Uncaged Goddesses – a review

Longsaddle Gazetteer – a review

A recent release on the DMsGuild, the Longsaddle Gazetteer is a creation of Matthew Whitby, an accomplished guild writer and the host of the Dungeon Master's Guild House podcast / YouTube series (it's the same thing, but maybe you want to watch or just listen). By asking nicely, I was lucky enough to get a … Continue reading Longsaddle Gazetteer – a review

Secret project review – Practical Guide to Being a Great GM

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was doing something hush hush. I can now reveal I was one of the readers going through a new book about GMing before it reached Kickstarter - which it now has. So, here's a sort of review of a project you haven't seen yet, a bit of an … Continue reading Secret project review – Practical Guide to Being a Great GM

Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest XIV – Warlock

Time to move on to a fun one - I play a lot of warlocks! Hopefully that means I'll se both good and bad in the playtest. Let's see shall we? Things that stay the same up to level 10:Otherworldly Patron features at level 1 (and 6 and 10) and Pact Magic at level 1 … Continue reading Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest XIV – Warlock

Kickstarter – a look at Scroll.io

In something of a first for me, I have to point out at the start here that I've been paid to talk about this Kickstarter project by its creator, but I was assured that I could write what I liked about it, criticisms and all.So, yeah, I guess you can keep that in mind if … Continue reading Kickstarter – a look at Scroll.io

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything – A review

Every year, I buy myself a gift for my birthday, and this year I picked up Tasha's Guide as a pre-order. Little did I know when I clicked the button to pay that I would have to wait an extra two-ish weeks for my book to arrive - apparently this is a thing that happens … Continue reading Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything – A review

FantasyCraft and DM advice

So I just discovered the gem that is FantasyCraft and... Wow, yeah. This is how I wanted to play D&D back during 3rd edition. It really is my dungeon, my dragon, my way with this book.Damn. Now if only I'd owned this fifteen years ago. I think I even saw one in the wild once, … Continue reading FantasyCraft and DM advice

RPGs that influenced me II – Alternity

I'd been playing some D&D 2e for a while, and I knew that 3e was on the horizon. In the meantime, something popped up online from TSR that piqued my interest.I'd played Warhammer and 40K for years at this point, so seeing a sci-fi roleplaying game, I wanted to see what new fun things I … Continue reading RPGs that influenced me II – Alternity

Thoughts on the LevelUp5e Playtest

If you've missed it, EN Publishing is working on a set of rules to make 5e crunchier, or more advanced, or something.I signed up for the playtest materials. I don't know if I'll have a chance to use them, but I can give my feedback and initial thoughts, and maybe try and use it if … Continue reading Thoughts on the LevelUp5e Playtest

Old Stuff – DnDNext first impressions

The last of my posts rescued from Troll in the Corner, this one posted on May 24th 2012.This was just the initial impressions before playing a game of it - which I did very shortly afterwards.I later went on and ran Caves of Chaos with a different version of the rules at some point in … Continue reading Old Stuff – DnDNext first impressions

Old Stuff – Farewell to Fear

You may remember during RPGaDay2020 that I mentioned I had a copy of Farewell to Fear. It's a really great looking game, and I can't praise Machine Age Productions enough for it, and for all their other work - notably #iHunt and Maschine Zeit.Check out their stuff here on itch.io.This is originally published 4th May … Continue reading Old Stuff – Farewell to Fear

Old Stuff – Review of The Game Master by Tobiah Panshin

Another Troll in the Corner article, this one from 26th January 2012. Appears as one of the reviews on the download link below, but of course it's not accessible anymore, so here it is. Again, reads pretty academically to me now, so apologies for that.I'll have to try and contact Tobiah and get the link … Continue reading Old Stuff – Review of The Game Master by Tobiah Panshin

The Tao of Bill Murray – for gamers

For my birthday last year, I got given a copy of the Tao of Bill Murray by Gavin Edwards. It's a great book filled with a lot of stories and short anecdotes about people meeting Bill Murray, compiled from lots of different sources, and basically spanning most of his career. It's a really great read. … Continue reading The Tao of Bill Murray – for gamers