Creating a Feywild Domain

If you’ve missed it, Wizards of the Coast released an add-on for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight that allows you to create your own Domain of Delight following their guidelines. There are a lot of random tables, but overall it helped with some creative prompts for me.

I pitched to a collection of domains that’s upcoming (possibly a Christmas release), but I’ve yet to hear back. If I don’t get it, I’ll probably still make the Domain at some point.

I had a note saved on my phone since 2013 that details a lot of information about the Forest of Dean, the area that my dad grew up in. It’s got a decent amount of information that I could pull stuff together from English, Welsh and Irish myth to make something creative, and more or less cohesive.

So what I’ve come up with is Denuweald, and the archfey Lludd Silverhand (who is a composite of the local Roman deity Nodens, the Irish Nuada and the Welsh Lludd Llaw Ereint, who all share a lot of similar characteristics anyway). There’s a handful of curses plaguing this primordial forest that Lludd needs some help with (mostly he needs expendable bait), and some fun locations and NPC characters that I think will be fun to build out.

So, watch this space I guess.

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