On nonsensical magical snakes and other creatures

I’m told there’s a new monster in the Tome of Beasts 2 from Kobold Press called a ‘Snake with a Hundred Mage Hands’.
And now there’s got to be at least one of these creatures in all of my homebrew settings, right?

After Eberron‘s Living Spell monsters, that idea for a snake is hands down my new favourite (sorry, that was a bad unintentional pun).

Then it got me thinking, what other fun monsters can you create just by adding fun cantrips to basic beasts.
Obviously, swarms of insects with dancing lights is basically just a bunch of fireflies, but what if they were casting druidcraft and setting small sparks aloft into the air?
Hyenas with vicious mockery fit nicely for the pet of magically adept gnolls, but I hope they don’t also cast message so that only one person at a time can hear the laughter, and be driven mad.
Maybe the stray dog from The Littlest Hobo could just cast friends on everyone he meets, and he has to move on before they realise what he’s up to?
Turtles with blade ward, swarms of wasps with true strike, cats with prestidigitation so they can stop cleaning themselves all the time.
Best not to think what an animal would do with eldritch blast.

I’ve just invented a Pokémon option for D&D with this, haven’t I? Crap.

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