RPGaDay 2020 prompt 10 – Want

Ah yes, the want list.

So, in an ideal world, where money and storage are no issue, here’s a short list of some of the products I’d love to have on my shelves but sadly don’t: –

  • D&D Planescape boxed set (or all of them really)
  • D&D Al Qadim boxed set
  • D&D Lankmar boxed set
  • D&D 2e all of the “Complete” series books
  • All of the D&D 3e Forgotten Realms books – because it’s less space than the 2e boxes and books
  • All of the D&D 3e Eberron books
  • Hard copy of Ptolus – I had a friend who had one, and I played in his game for about three hours once
  • Hard copies of all of the D&D 5e adventures
  • Wildemount, Eberron, Ravnica and Theros for 5e – special edition covers please!
  • Hard copies of the Goodman Games D&D 5e versions of Into the Borderlands and the Isle of Dread
  • Hard copies of Kobold Guides to Campaign Design and Gamemastering
  • All of the Star Wars Saga Edition books
  • Pathfinder core book (or books, with 2nd edition out), along with the bestiaries
  • Starfinder core book
  • Hardcopy of FATE and Fate Accelerated
  • Atomic Robo
  • Fiasco
  • Mouse Guard
  • The Monsters Know What They’re Doing, and the sequel Live to Tell the Tale
  • The Lazy Dungeon Master series
  • All of the Legend of the Five Rings 1e books, 3e books and 4e books. I never really liked the look of 2e, and the new edition uses special dice.
  • Tale from the Loop
  • Vurt
  • Cyberpunk 2020
  • Traveller
  • A complete set of Changeling: the Dreaming
  • The books I’m missing for a complete set of Mage: the Ascension (mostly Technocracy stuff)
  • Ars Magica

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