Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Invasion from the Netherverse

High school. Jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, outcasts. Study for the test, write essays, detention.
Oh, and monsters walking the streets at night.

It all started with some of the kids having fun and messing with an old book they found in grandma’s attic. Soon enough, someone says ‘Klaatu Barada Nantucket’ and we lose our job at the Kmart because the owner got eaten by zombies.

Just when you thought the night security shift at the mall couldn’t get any weirder, someone starts spraying weird, glowing graffiti out in the parking lot and the crazies show up.
After a night of some serious weirdness, my boss hands me a pink slip for wanting to call the cops. My old buddy stayed and said he’s been acting real funny since, making phone calls in this weird language no one knew he spoke and secretly smoking in his office.

I made a bunch of cool friends in a new Discord server I found.
I got into this cool occult stuff last year, and now one of the guys online sent me some tips on how to actually make some of the stuff work. The books are really far off the mark.
I don’t remember giving him my phone number but I’m sure I must have. Anyway, he taught me this one ‘cantrip’ he calls it where I can turn on the lights when I walk into a room.
Going to be so much fun next time there’s a party.

Invasion from the Netherverse is a D&D 5e Modern setting, heavily inspired by the old d20 Modern books, and pulling rules from Unearthed Arcana Modern Magic, Ultramodern 5 and using the Gunslinger and Firearms rules.

Players take on the role of a character in a modern city where strange monsters have started appearing for whatever reason, or maybe they’ve always been there.
The party works together to piece together mysteries, slay demons and zombies, and either save the city or the world from danger.

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