Retiring Dima the Crow early

So this is kind of a sad one.

I had to move for a job and decided to retire Dima. I didn’t want to feel like I had to Skype every fortnight to join the game or for the DM to have to work out a way to shoehorn me in every time I could make it.

But I went out on a high!


Following the zombie invasion of Shadowgrange, we had to deal with the aftermath.
The innkeeper was dead, and so was the sole beneficiary of his will (or so we later realised).
The head of the town guard was lost too.
The owners of the main trading post had left in a fearful hurry before the zombies arrived, after charging the town a fortune for materials to build defences. (But they turned out to be demon-worshipping bad guys, so that was fine too).

The innkeeper, head of the guard and proprietor of the trading post had made up the town council, and with the mayor previously deceased by vampires, had been running the place for a while. They needed to be replaced.

Cue election montage!

The town had hired a mercenary from a group that had helped to defend the town, and he’d been made the captain pretty quickly. So his seat was filled.
The local blacksmith was nominated, as he had a decent head on his shoulders and was well liked by everyone in town.
That just left the last seat, and only local landowners could vote.

But the party had somehow come into possession of the deed to the inn, for a job well done!

A tense fight between various members of the party meant a three-way vote. Dima didn’t quite manage it, but the other warlock in the party managed to snake his way into the role… Well, it’s funnier when you know he’s a snake man!

Which left the council with only one thing to decide – who should become the new mayor of Shadowgrange?



I mean, of course, Dima, right?

So Dima has been left in charge of the inn and rebuilding, with a plan to reopen the trading post as well. After a reward of a bit of coin from the town, he’s going to have to invest most of his small fortune of 500 gold pieces to get everything going again.


Hopefully, when the party shows up again they’ll be fine with the new-look Dimasville…

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