The Goblin Market

I’ve used the Gobin Market as a location in a lot of my games since seeing a version of it in Hellboy 2. I think it’s a great location that works really well in most fantasy settings, and it’s one of my favourite things to suggest as a part of a Dresden Files game.

The premise in most games is using the Goblin Market as the magic marketplace, but where costs in normal currencies don’t work. In Dresden Files, maybe the cost is a memory or some sentimental item, or it could be something from the mortal world like a book on thermodynamics.
Aside: Do not give the Fae a book about thermodynamics and not expect it to end OK!
In a D&D game, I like to use the Market as a sort of black market trading place. Yes, you can get naphtha or a magic item or two, but most if not all of the mundane items are stolen, and the magic items probably have a curse or two (which makes it a great centre of a Hexblade origin story).
My Cambria setting, which has some steam/gear/psipunk elements, would be a good fit for the Goblin Market, with a bunch of illegal magical trinkets, questionable psionic items and grenades. Sooooooo many grenades…

A Superheroes game could be a cross between those three, but I haven’t had a chance to use that yet.
I can’t even begin to imagine how terrifying the place could get in a Starfinder game, but again it would be an interesting place to wander around!

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