A week of Indie+

This week, the good folks over on the the Google+ RPG community are coming together for Indie+, celebrating the Indie publishing community.
As such, I’ve decided to pull my finger out and actually update my blogs, and get back into a writing mindset.

This week I’ll be posting updates here and over on the Kingsmead Chronicler, with what I’m up to, the latest state of that setting, the latest state of anything else swimming around my head.
And of course, my own rules set, which I’ve been cooking up for far too long now.

For this post, I’ll tell you what I’ve done with it recently.
I’ve gone back to the original intent, and made it a game using d12s, with different power levels corresponding to starting dice modifiers.
I’ve even finally added the healing mechanic in. I think there’s still some work to be done to file some rough edges off, and definitely to format it better for reading, but there should be most of the rules in places now.

If anyone would like to use the rules to run a game, that would be great. Especially if you break them entirely!
I may try and run something with them myself, and drop feedback here and over on Google+.

Hope everyone has a fun week!

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