Kingsmead character overview part 2

This update is a more in depth look at the Hunter family in Kingsmead.

I tried not to be too detailed. The point is to outline the heads of the family and a handful of important characters. The ones that aren’t so important are at least getting a little plot drop.

Pa Hunter

Ulfrik Hunter, called Pa by everyone in the village, is a grey-haired bear of a man. He is the patriarch of the clan, and runs the Kingsmead Inn. He is known for giving honest prices for his services and wares, and is the man to come to for information on local goings-on.

He is good friends with Haskthrone Brewer and Candle, often playing cards and drinking with the former, and the latter when Candle chooses to drink.

Pa and Ma, along with his brother Derrik, used to go on all kinds of adventures, or so the stories go.

Ma Hunter

Copper-haired Therese Hunter, née Keeper, is the true owner of the inn, as the only child of the Keeper clan. She has been married to Pa for twenty odd years, and has three daughters and a son.

She spent a large part of her childhood away from the village, at the Raethmoore Mage Academy to the north. She is known to use her magical skills to improve her wares at the Kingsmead Bakery.

Angela Hunter

Roughly sixteen years of age, she has recently developed an infatuation with Ronan Brewer, following his return from schooling in Queenstown. She is most normally found in the Inn.

She can sometimes be found in Peony Thatcher’s flower and vegetable garden, where Peony extolls the various virtues of the Lady of the Autumn.

Lorelei Hunter

Roughly fourteen, she has inherited some ability in Arcanery from her mother, though she is unschooled in its use. She is most often found helping her fathe rin the Inn, and is often the one cooking any meals.

Sonya Hunter

Roughly twelve years of age, she has the brightest red hair of the children. She helps her uncle Alder to run the Rabbitry, and is very good with the rabbits. Sometimes she can be seen talking to them in the meadow.

Tim Hunter

The youngest of the Hunter children in the village at about seven years old. He can usually be described as ‘the snot-nosed boy running about the village’. He fetches people and things, and runs about with messages for various people. He doesn’t talk much.

When not running about, he is usually found sat outside the Inn, or doting on barmaid Jessica with childish gifts.

He fell down the village well a few years ago, and now refuses to go near it (though he also refuses to drink anything but the wellwater).

Derrik Hunter

Pa’s brother, Derrik is the village goatherd and a cheesemaker. He is barely a few years younger than Pa, but has never married. It is said that he once had a love, but lost her tragically.

Growing up, he was apprenticed to a local priest of the Darkling Queen, the goddess of death. He is often called upon for funerary services, but he always refuses.

Alder Hunter

Runs the village Rabbitry, is something of a hunter and butcher.

Berith Hunter

Alder’s wife of many years, and Peony Thatcher’s older sister. Runs the bakery with Ma.

Canaan Hunter

Canaan is Alder and Berith’s eldest son. He is about ten or so, and wants to grow up to go on adventures, even if people say something terrible happened to his uncle Derrik.

Canaan has a friendship with Smerrig the Kobold, who is secretly teaching him swordplay.

Special Mention: Jessica Mandeville

Jessica is a runaway from the Noble Estates precinct of Queenstown, and is the youngest daughter of Lord Mandeville.

Whilst he was being schooled in Queenstown, Ronan Brewer and Jessica fell in love. She followed him home, though they have yet to break the truth of her relationship (or indeed her identity) to anyone in the village. She is the only employee of the Kingsmead Inn, at the insistence of Ma Hunter.

Currently, as far as Haskthrone is concerned, the girl that Ronan is far too good for (he had no idea it was a Lord’s daughter) is far away in Queenstown.

Ok, that’s it. If anyone wants to here more about characters, I’ll try and flesh them out a bit more.

I remembered about halfway through that I should have mentioned in my first post – the overall colouration of most of the inhabitants of Kingsmead is a fair complexion with red or copper coloured hair, often with freckling.

My next post will either involve some details of Queenstown, the capital of what is now known as the Old Crown region, or I may drop information on some gods and goddesses. They’ve almost all entirely changed since my first blog post (you may notice discrepancies between posts).

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