What I want to play as next – D&D 5E

A completely unhelpful list of D&D characters I want to play –

A Firbolg Druid – not thought much about this one yet, but since I saw Firbolgs, it’s what I wanted to do with one

A Cleric of a pantheon – pick a pantheon of gods and try and shoehorn in a way to express that. Still working on this one!

A Cleric of a triple goddess – like the Norns or the Fates or something, this could be fun. Constantly having a couple of different options or maybe flavouring spell selection based on which one is favouring you that day.

A Bard – I just want to play as one. I last played one in Pathfinder in 2012, and before that probably in the early days of 3.5 D&D. Great fun if done right.
Maybe a Kenku or a Kobold or a weird race like that. Just to play against type a bit.

An Artificer or a Lorekeeper Wizard. They look fun.

Something with psionics – though if I get a game going in Cambria, I have this one covered.

A Monk – either a Kensei or the Four Elements. Again, looks like fun. Again, maybe a weird race – Tortle maybe.

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