Writing 101, Day Three: Committing to a writing practice

I’m not entirely sure how to go about following the instructions here. According to Writing 101, I need to write about the three most important songs in my life.

But of course, now I’m told to write about them, I can’t even think of three important songs, never mind the most important.

If I write about songs I enjoy right now, I have to include Weird Al’s ‘Word Crimes’, which is his use of ‘Blurred Lines’ to emphasise the importance of spelling and grammar. And which he had to make a public apology about (to be fair, when I heard it played on national Irish radio, I was surprised they hadn’t edited it themselves). Plus, I prefer ‘NOW That’s What I Call Polka’ from this new album, because who doesn’t love polka covers of modern pop songs?

I could talk about Timecop1983 and their album Journeys, which I’m listening to now as I write. It’s some nice electro pop and pretty chilled out, so I can let it run in the background and not have it bother me too much. But I wouldn’t say any of the songs are particularly my favourite.

Or I could write about ‘Kill You’ by Dethklok, which I keep playing because it’s so unlike the rest of their songs, and because I like Metalocalypse.

But none of those are exactly important, in the way I assume the writing exercise wants me to talk about them. The lesson I’m taking from the exercise is to write about something for a given amount of time (about fifteen minutes), and to make a habit out of that. I’ve managed to write on here for about that time or maybe more with having to go fetch links, and on a subject I’m not exactly likely to go back to writing about soon, but I still feel like I’ve cheated the assignment somewhat by not sticking to it.

3 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day Three: Committing to a writing practice

  1. I had the same struggle, to find the “most important songs” and ended up going for what I thought at the time to be the most important. If I rewrite it today, they may be different songs.
    I suppose with the over thinking, we both ended up ignoring the fact that in the instructions it does say not to think too much about it. 🙂

    Will you be continuing writing 101?


      1. Ah great. Same here, I’m registered on the 201 and will try and work on it simultaneously.


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