L5R 4E Topaz Championship session 1

I think that went rather well.

So last night we all sat down, finished off some character creation issues (mostly the shugenja’s spells), and set off for Tsuma!

We didn’t get much further than the gates of the town, but on the way the characters ran into Megumi and brewed some lovely tea (although not that nice for the Hida bushi). They also encountered their first nemuranai in the form of Magumi’s clothes and teapot, and were very pleased to be addressed as young lords for the first time, rather than as the children they had been previously.

Oh, and the other bushi, a Hiruma, learned about gifts when he received one from Megumi: the sword of his lord! He didn’t buy any extra equipment, so instead handed over the only thing he could think had equal value – his own sword! The player was a little hesitant, thinking it would turn out to be cursed, but was happy in the end I think.

Then the Kuni shugenja got fleeced by their ‘cousin’, a Yasuki trader near the gates of Tsuma. Maybe the good luck charm will be useful though, who knows?


More next week!

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