Based on this post over at Campaign Mastery, I’ve suddenly started thinking about a card game in game. Plenty of other stuff to think on, but I’m an odd duck like that.

So there’s four houses, made of nine cards each, for a total of thirty-six cards.
The four houses are swords, shields, coins and cups, with cards numbers 1 through 7, and a Lord and Lady. There may yet be a thirty-seventh card called the Fool, but I’m still thinking on that.

The aim of the game is to control a hand of one house, with the Lord and Lady presiding, along with three ‘retainers’ (other cards of the same house). Higher retainers equal a better overall hand, though the players can call the rounds to an end and judge the best hand earlier. Players are free to judge they have the best hand and ‘present their house’ at any time – having the 5, 6 and 7 is the ideal hand – however they must replace at least one card per round if they do not present.

I had an idea for a Mage version of the game that involves the elements as houses, but only uses one Magister as the Lord of each house. There would only be thirty-two cards in a Mage’s deck (thirty-three if the Fool is invoked).

What exactly the fool would do I don’t know. Perhaps he mimics other cards, allowing you to fill the Lord space if you haven’t been dealt the card, or he might bump a hand – the equivalent of two 7 card retainers.


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