Spicy food made from big cows

I've been particularly negligent in my promo duties for MY FIRST KICKSTARTER! I am working on Fantasy Feasting, a cookbook / sourcebook (a saucebook!) for D&D 5e - though we'll be going with less of their branding later as it's OGL.I had the pleasure to collaborate on Luis A. Amaya's recipe for Dire Cow Enchilada … Continue reading Spicy food made from big cows

Kickstarter – a look at Scroll.io

In something of a first for me, I have to point out at the start here that I've been paid to talk about this Kickstarter project by its creator, but I was assured that I could write what I liked about it, criticisms and all.So, yeah, I guess you can keep that in mind if … Continue reading Kickstarter – a look at Scroll.io

Old Stuff – Farewell to Fear

You may remember during RPGaDay2020 that I mentioned I had a copy of Farewell to Fear. It's a really great looking game, and I can't praise Machine Age Productions enough for it, and for all their other work - notably #iHunt and Maschine Zeit.Check out their stuff here on itch.io.This is originally published 4th May … Continue reading Old Stuff – Farewell to Fear