I is for: Istan

Once often called the Green River Cities, the continent of Istan is now a desolate wasteland strewn with memories of past glory. Istan was always a land of feuding tribes, and later feuding cities. Facing oncoming conquest from the ancient Lizardfolk Empire, the Kingdoms of Istan put aside their differences and sued for a peaceful … Continue reading I is for: Istan

On the Fall of the Drakashi

The fall of the Drakashi Empire was one of the major causes of instability amongst the warring Istani kingdoms, but they also fought over dwindling supplies of silver and, after the Ascension of the Storm, water supplies. The descendants of many of those who fled the constant turmoil would become the conqueror-kings of the Old … Continue reading On the Fall of the Drakashi

A History Lesson

What I have written so far for the general overview of my setting history. Most of this is beyond player knowledge, but the very highly educated will know snippets certainly. Characters would need to quest to find out anything about 'Origins' or the creation of the Wode and Menfolk. The true history of the world … Continue reading A History Lesson