Old Stuff – Farewell to Fear

You may remember during RPGaDay2020 that I mentioned I had a copy of Farewell to Fear. It's a really great looking game, and I can't praise Machine Age Productions enough for it, and for all their other work - notably #iHunt and Maschine Zeit.Check out their stuff here on itch.io.This is originally published 4th May … Continue reading Old Stuff – Farewell to Fear

RPGaDay 2020 prompt 11 – Stack

I present to you a stack of various RPGs from my shelves! And some dice too! I tried to grab a mixed bag, pulling from various places. So, we have: Hillfolk - sadly unplayed but backed immediately in Kickstarter. I loved the idea, and especially the ideas for the alternate settings presented at the end … Continue reading RPGaDay 2020 prompt 11 – Stack